Avala betta day trek

Avala betta day trek


About Avalabetta

“Ages ago, when the ocean was churned by the gods and demons, many creations both good and bad surfaced. One of them was the holy cow and it is believed to have landed here. The hoof marks of the cow can be found on a rock.  In later years large numbers of cows frequented this hill which gave the place the name Dhenugiri (Dhenu: cow & giri: hill)”

A flight of stairs made of rough cut stones lead you to the temple. There are two temples on the top. A stairway on the left of the first temple will take you to the second temple on the top of the hillock. Families of monkeys will greet you everywhere. Be smart to avoid eye contact. The view from the top is amazing. One gets a moment of solitude and serenity and slowly soak in what the view and the landscape has to offer

The hill houses Lakshmi Narasimha temple, villagers offer the first milk of their cows to the deity worshiped here. For explorers and adventurers, the place offers enough opportunities for climbing,bird watching or simply learning about its mythology. Some of hill tops amazing views and these hilltops are really photogenic spots where a casual selfie will leap into the professional photograph domain.

The hill and surrounding house interesting flora and fauna. The historic temples also add an aura of this place being special. It is time for the body and soul to soak in this wonderland right in Bengaluru backyard

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